TSB Design System

To effectively capture the various digital platforms, including mobile apps, online banking, and CRM, it is essential to develop a design system. This system will not only ensure streamlined management of the design language, but also facilitate future updates through the use of Figma design tokens.

Furthermore, developing a comprehensive design system will enable a consistent and coherent user experience across platforms. This is important because users interact with different digital platforms in different ways, and a consistent design will help them navigate and understand the features and functions of each platform more easily.

Moreover, the design system will also facilitate collaboration among designers and developers, allowing them to work more seamlessly and efficiently. This will ultimately result in faster and better-quality design iterations.

In addition, the design system will enable better scalability and flexibility, as it can be easily adapted and modified to suit changing design requirements and user needs. This means that the system can grow and evolve with the organisation, ensuring that it remains effective and relevant over time.

Overall, developing a design system is an essential step in creating a successful digital product that meets the needs of both the organisation and its users.